sfPropelBuildI18nDefaultCulturePlugin - 1.0.3

Add the essentials methods for default culture with I18N and Propel

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sfPropelBuildI18nDefaultCulture plugin


The sfPropelBuildI18nDefaultCulture plugin is an automatic task for add the snippet "Default culture content for i18n table" in your model.


  • Install plugin

    $ symfony plugin:install sfPropelBuildI18nDefaultCulturePlugin
  • Clear your cache

    $ symfony cc


  • You must generate your model before use this plugin

    $ symfony propel:build-model
  • After this, you can add the 4 essentials method for support default culture in your I18n model

    $ symfony propel:build-i18n
  • Clear your cache

    $ symfony cc


  • This plugin modified your user model (./lib/model/*.php). You must save your user model before use this plugin.
  • If a method with the same name (doCountWithI18n, doSave, doSelectWithI18n and getCurrentTableClassNameI18n) exist in your user model, the new method will not be add.


  • Add an option in command-line for exclude some table to the i18n process.
  • Add an option in command-line for exclude some method to the process
  • Parse the data folder for find automatically the function to add