sfPropelSlopeOneRecommendationsPlugin - 0.1.0

symfony Propel Slope One Recommendations Plugin

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sfPropelSlopeOneRecommendationsPlugin 0.1.0alpha for sf 1.2 and Propel MIT
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A set of behaviors and tasks which enables collaborative filtering based on Slope One algorithmns

sfPropelSlopeOneRecommendationsPlugin is a symfony plugin that enables collaborative filtering based on the Slope One algorithms.

The plugin supports two scenarios:

  • Recommending new items to a user based on his/her previous ratings
  • Recommending other items with similar ratings as a specific item

sfPropelSlopeOneRecommendationsPlugin consists of Propel behaviors for retrieving recommendations and tasks for maintaining the underlying datastructure for the recommendations.

This plugin supports but does not require sfGuardPlugin for user management and sfPropelActAsRatableBehaviorPlugin for ratings through flexible configuration options.


Name Status Email
gravatar Kasper Garnæs lead moc.liamg <<ta>> seanrag.repsak


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