sfProtoculousPlugin - 1.0.3

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sfProtoculousPlugin was removed from Symfony core plugins since version 1.4.0. This plugin allows you to install it manually as a separate plugin and use all it's helpers. This plugin provides simple way for adding Ajax functionality into your project using Prototype and Script.aculo.us frameworks. All it's helpers allows you to generate javascript code using native PHP interface.


  • Install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin:install sfProtoculousPlugin
  • Publish assets

    $ symfony publish:assets        


For reference read Defenitive Guide to Symfony.

In order to use Prototype-based ajax helpers you need to add 'Javascript' helper into your template.

    <?php use_helper('Javascript') ?>

It provides this functions:

  • link_to_remote
  • form_remote_tag
  • submit_to_remote
  • submit_image_to_remote
  • periodically_call_remote
  • remote_function
  • observe_field
  • observe_form
  • button_to_remote
  • draggable_element
  • drop_receiving_element
  • input_auto_complete_tag
  • input_in_place_editor_tag
  • sortable_element
  • visual_effect

All additional documentation can be found in the source code.