sfRestAdminPlugin - 0.0.4

Provide a crud REST api to a given model

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sfRestAdmin Plugin


sfRestAdminPlugin provides a crud REST api to a given model. It is in the same spirit as the well known "Admin Generator".


Security mechanisms are typically decided based on many factors, most of them external to this plugin. As a direct consequence, sfRestAdminPlugin doesn't implement security by itself. Nevertheless, a module generated by sfRestAdminPlugin includes a default config/security.yml with is_secure at on. It forces the sfUser to be authenticated to access the generated module. Moreover, the admin generators are usually done in backend which are restricted to http request coming from localhost.

All in all, sfRestAdminPlugin provides some guidances but ultimatly it is up to you to secure your application.


This plugin will add a date manipulation library to the symfony framework. The library manipulates timestamp values, allowing you to quickly translate a date into another date based on an infinite number of operations. The library contains a base add function, which handles all cases of a single date manipulation. It also contains a large number of other functions based on the add function, which faciliate more complicated operations. Finally, the library contains an instantiable class, which provides an interface hook into the main library allowing chainable date manipulation operations for more readable code.


To install sfRestAdminPlugin:

./symfony plugin-install symfony/sfRestAdminPlugin

To install from svn:

svn co plugins/sfRestAdminPlugin

Clear your cache:

./symfony cc

You're done!

Module Generation

To get the list of all available tasks, simply type the following at the root of your project.

$ ./symfony list restadmin

Currently, the only available task is 'init-admin', purposely inspired from the usual 'propel:init-admin' and 'doctrine:init-admin'. This task has the same syntax as well to be easier to use.

Example to a restAdmin generator module article for a given model Article , and application frontend:

$ ./symfony restadmin:init-admin frontend article Article

Rest Usage

Now that we built the module, how to build the uri to query this REST admin. There is 4 distincts methods based on CRUD principle, so Create, Read, Update and Delete. Additionnaly there is a search method to fetch records depending on given criteria.


NOTE: It is currently support only doctrine. propel support may be added in the future when time allows.

Change Log

  • 0.0.1
    • added sfDateTimeToolkit
      • added breakdown function
    • sfTime
      • added clear
      • added set
    • sfDate
      • added format parameter to date and datetime functions


For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE file that was distributed with this source code.