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CSScaffold plugin

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sfScaffold plugin (for symfony 1.4)

The sfScaffoldPlugin is a symfony plugin usign CSScaffold .


  • Install the plugin (via a package)

    symfony plugin:install sfScaffoldPlugin
  • Install the plugin (via a Subversion checkout)

    svn co http://svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/sfScaffoldPlugin/trunk plugins/sfScaffoldPlugin
  • Activate the plugin in the config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php

    class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
      public function setup()
  • Enable one or more modules in your settings.yml (optional)

    • For your application: sfScaffoldPlugin

            enabled_modules:      [default, sfScaffoldPlugin]
  • Clear you cache

    symfony cc

Updating your Code

Add in your html use_helper('Scaffold')'

Add in your html 'include_scaffold_stylesheets()'

      <?php include_scaffold_stylesheets() ?>


How it works

The plugin applies the CSS scaffolding (see http://...) only on stylesheets present in /css/* or in /%DIRECTORY-NAME%/css/*.

Usually, stylesheets are retrieved by the symfony helper include_stylesheets(): i.e., if these are the stylesheets defined in view.yml

stylesheets: - style - /themeOne/css/style.css - http://launchef.localhost/css/main.css - /bar/foo/style.css

include_stylesheets() would return:

while include_scaffold_stylesheets() will format the response as:

where only the first two links are scaffolded.