sfSimpleBlogPlugin - 1.1.1

The sfSimpleBlogPlugin adds standard weblog features to an existing website

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Changelog for release 1.1.1 - 06/03/2009

Not available

Other releases

Release 1.1.1 - 06/03/2009

Not available

Release 1.1.0 - 02/12/2008

Not available

Release 0.9.1 - 28/08/2008

  • francois: Added dependency to DbFinder in the package
  • francois: Updated to DbFinder 0.9 syntax

Release 0.9.0 - 12/08/2008

  • francois: Converted README from TracWiki to Markdown
  • francois: Optimized number of queries in backend
  • francois: Switched model queries to DbFinder
  • Javier.Eguiluz: Added spanish translation
  • Tero.Alen: Added finnish translation

Release 0.8.5 - 29/11/2007

  • sebastien: Added the ability to send mail alerts to more than one recipient
  • francois: Fixed tags not working when output escaping is turned off
  • francois: Fixed publication date displayed was indeed the creation date
  • francois: Added the ability to display date in the URL (based on a patch from Mark.Quezada)
  • francois: Added the ability to display full posts in lists
  • francois: Fixed feeds not working when output escaping is turned on
  • francois: Fixed posts with no tags appear incorrectly when output escaping is turned on
  • jfcaouette: Fixed incorrect parameter name in sfSimpleBlogPostAdmin
  • Manuel.Dalla.Lana: Added Italian translation for sfSimpleBlog module
  • Rimenes.Ribeiro: Added translation for Brazilian Portuguese
  • jzalas: Added Polish translation
  • francois: Added test data
  • francois: Added lib/model/plugin for more customization
  • francois: Removed the need for a custom config handler
  • francois: Removed schemaConfig.php. To customize the schema, use sfPropelAlternativeSchemaPlugin
  • gregoire: Changed the default «comment_disable_after» value to 0.
  • gregoire: Error with various versions of PHP, if(array()) does not work.
  • francois: Flatified the app.yml config file
  • francois: Fixed number of comments displayed in post list
  • francois: Split the configuration into an application-wide and a project-wide file
  • fabien: Don't save empty tags
  • francois: Made the default schema play well with sfGuard

Release 0.8.4 - 11/06/2007

  • fabien: made the plugin compatible with symfony 1.0
  • gordon: Better handling dashes in post titles and URLs
  • gordon: Fixed comments sort order
  • francois: Make comments optional and add delay after which comments are no more possible
  • francois: Better handling of special characters in post titles and URLs

Release 0.8.3 - 20/04/2007

  • SentinelDiety: Fixed feeds on case-sensitive filesystems
  • SentinelDiety: Fixed post feeds when User table is not named User
  • francois: Added hooks to allow extension of TinyMCE by the sfMediaLibraryPlugin
  • francois: Fixed a bug when editing a post

Release 0.8.2 - 10/04/2007

  • francois: Added email alert on comment
  • francois: Added blogroll in the sidebar
  • francois: Added ability to have more than one custom sidebar element

Release 0.8.1 - 06/04/2007

  • francois: removed lib/model/om/ and lib/model/map from package
  • gordon: Added German translations
  • Michael.Nolan: fixed incorrect validation message in addComment.yml

Release 0.8.0 - 03/04/2007

  • francois: Initial release