sfSimpleForumPlugin - 0.6.7

Lightweight embedded forum plugin.

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Changelog for release 0.6.7 - 23/09/2008

  • francois: Translated README to Markdown
  • francois: Changed counts types to integer

Other releases

Release 0.6.7 - 23/09/2008

  • francois: Translated README to Markdown
  • francois: Changed counts types to integer

Release 0.6.6 - 28/02/2008

  • francois: Fixed broken link to feed (#2599)
  • francois: Packaged with other plugins into an application (cf. http://www.motilee.com)
  • Pascal.Borreli : Fixed incorrect use of a block element inside a inline element (#2628)
  • nicolas: Slightly refactored pagination helper
  • nicolas: Removed dependency on sfGuardUser

Release 0.6.5 - 08/11/2007

  • francois: Added two modules for backend administration
  • francois: Removed schema configuration file (use sfPropelAlternativeSchemaPlugin if you must customize the schema)
  • francois: Added a supplementary customization layer to the model classes

Release 0.6.4 - 10/10/2007

  • francois: Fixed missing files in package definition (#2336)
  • francois: Fixed empty forums do not appear in the forum list (#2330)
  • francois: Added a new partial to allow third-party profile enhancements
  • francois: Further optimized queries

Release 0.6.3 - 03/10/2007

  • francois: Extended the cache coverage
  • francois: Partialized templates for easier customization
  • francois: Refactored Forum and Topic counts (now working with save and delete)
  • francois: Made the schema customizable
  • francois: Added link to last page for multi-pages topics
  • francois: Refactored actions class for easier custom templating
  • francois: Fixed topic feed
  • francois: Added a topic list (for all forums, for one user) and related feeds

Release 0.6.2 - 25/09/2007

  • francois: Improved security and credentials handling
  • francois: BC Added a new topic table
  • francois: BC Refactored most of the code to be more extensible, performant and readable
  • francois: Added "New message to read" indicator in topics (distinct from topic views, because anonymous users must still increase the topic views)
  • francois: Better handling of post titles
  • francois: Refactored the way a forum knows about its last post
  • francois: Simplified the interface (removed buttons, lessened clicks)
  • francois: Added latest posts component
  • francois: Fixed page displayed after adding a message doesn't use pagination
  • francois: Added a new getMessage() action
  • francois: Switched icon set to famfamfam as I couldn't find where the sticky one came from
  • francois: Added locked topic feature
  • francois: Added unit tests for forum and topic calculated fields
  • francois: Fixed forum and topic calculated fields

Release 0.6.1 - 07/09/2007

  • francois: Optimized calculated fields in model
  • beleneglorion: Added sticky topic feature
  • francois: Added View count on topics
  • francois: Renamed sfBBPlugin to sfSimpleForumPlugin
  • francois: Fixed output escaping
  • superhaggis: Fixed typo in schema.yml

Release 0.6.0 - 03/07/2007

  • francois: Major refactoring from sfBBPlugin (breaks BC) but now the plugin is functional
  • francois: Removed the unimplemented parts