sfSimpleForum_PayloadFilterChainPlugin - 0.6.0

Addon to the sfSimpleForumPlugin, interfacing it with sfPayloadFilterChainPlugin and sfPayloadFilterChainPlugin_TextTransformationPlugin.

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This behavior enhances the sfSimpleForumPlugin, allowing it to make use of sfPayloadFilterChain capabilities.

Integration with sfPayloadFilterChain_TextTransformationPlugin :



  • Install plugin dependencies :

Required :

  symfony plugin-install http://plugins.symfony-project.com/sfPayloadFilterChainPlugin

Optional : you can also install plugin's optional dependency sfPayloadFilterChain_TextTransformationPlugin(/plugins/sfPayloadFilterChain_TextTransformationPlugin sfPayloadFilterChain_TextTransformationPlugin). If you want text transformation capabilities (bbcode, markdown, smileys, etc) you need to install it :

  symfony plugin-install http://plugins.symfony-project.com/sfPayloadFilterChain_TextTransformationPlugin
  • Install the plugin

    symfony plugin-install http://plugins.symfony-project.com/sfSimpleForum_PayloadFilterChainPlugin

  • Enable Propel behavior support in config/propel.ini:

    propel.builder.AddBehaviors = true

  • Rebuild your model:

    symfony propel-build-model


Filtering profile

You need to define the filtering profile of a post.

Create and edit pfc/profiles.yml in your appplication's config directory. Here's an example profile definition :

sfSimpleForum_post: [pfc_expand_emoticons](pfc_text_to_xhtml,)

For a comprehensive list of available filters, please refer to sfPayloadFilterChain_TextTransformationPlugin documentation(/plugins/sfPayloadFilterChain_TextTransformationPlugin sfPayloadFilterChain_TextTransformationPlugin documentation).

Of course, you can also define your own filters.

Mimetype conversion

If you plan to use the pfc_text_to_xhtml filter, you need to specify what is the source mimetype for posts. This is defined by a new sfSimpleForumPlugin configuration directive in app.yml :

    post_mimetype: text/markdown

sfPayloadFilterChain_TextTransformationPlugin(/plugins/sfPayloadFilterChain_TextTransformationPlugin sfPayloadFilterChain_TextTransformationPlugin) natively supports text/bbcode and text/markdown.



  • Handle multiple chain profile execution
  • updated installation docs



  • Renamed plugin due to renaming of sfBBPlugin to sfSimpleForumPlugin

2006-06-29 | 0.5.1 beta

  • updated installation docs
  • fixed improper mixin registration

2006-06-28 | 0.5.0 beta

  • fixed typo in README
  • installation documentation update (since symfony's plugin-install does not support pear dependencies)
  • renamed plugin to sfSimpleForum_PayloadFilterChainPlugin
  • removed sfSimpleForumPlugin patch (as it's been commited in [4463])
  • moved sfSimpleForumPostPayload class to sfSimpleForumPlugin

Thanks to François for his fast and enlightning feedback.

2006-06-27 | 0.4.0 beta

  • Initial public release.