sfSimpleGoogleSitemapPlugin - 0.0.1

Symfony simple Google sitemap plugin

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sfSimpleGoogleSitemap plugin

The sfSimpleGoogleSitemapPlugin adds ability for a Symfony website to generate Google Sitemap (sitemap.xml).

Originally was built to go together with sfSimpleBlogPlugin, but it is configurable through app.yml, and so should be usable for other plugins.


It contains one module that you can activate in whatever application you need them:

  • sfSimpleGoogleSitemap


To install the plugin for a symfony project, the usual process is to use the symfony command line:

$ php symfony plugin-install sfSimpleGoogleSitemapPlugin

Alternatively, if you don't have PEAR installed, you can download the latest package attached to this plugin's wiki page and extract it under your project's plugins/ directory.

For symfony 1.2, enable the plugin in the project's configuration.

// in config/app/ProjectConfiguration.class.php
class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
  public function setup()
    $this->enablePlugins(array('sfPropelPlugin', 'sfSimpleGoogleSitemapPlugin'));

Enable the module in your applications, via the settings.yml file.

// in myproject/apps/frontend/config/settings.yml
    enabled_modules:        [default, sfSimpleGoogleSitemap]

Add the following to your routing.yml.

  url: /gsitemap
  param: { module: sfSimpleGoogleSitemap, action: index }

Clear Symfony cache.

symfony cc

Start using the plugin by browsing to the frontend module's default page:



The app.yml file

The plugin is highly configurable and should be easy to integrate to an existing project. Here is the default plugin configuration, taken from myproject/plugins/sfSimpleGoogleSitemapPlugin/config/app.yml.sample:

Note: the provided sample is for serving sitemap for sfSimpleBlogPlugin.

    urls:                                        # define multiple static urls here
      homepage:                                  # just a name
        url:              http://yoursite.com    # full URL, e.g.: with http:// prefix
        freq:             daily                  # must be either: always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, never
        priority:         1.0                    # 1.0 is top priority (100%) compared to 0.2 which is less priority (20%)
    models:                                      # define multiple models to generate sitemap from
      sfSimpleBlogPost:                          # name of model class
        module:           sfSimpleBlog           # name of module for the url to make up the url
        action:           show                   # name of action for the url to make up the url
        params:                                  # parameters for the url
          stripped_title: getStrippedTitle       # name : method to get the parameter value
        date:             getCreatedAt           # method to get date last updated for the url
        criteria:                                # criterias to filter the records to include in the sitemap
          is_published:   1                      # column_name : value
        freq:             daily                  # must be either: always, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, never
        priority:         0.2                    # 1.0 is top priority (100%) compared to 0.2 which is less priority (20%)

You can customize these settings in myproject/apps/myapp/config/app.yml


  • Make it write to a physical sitemap.xml file instead of generating it on the fly
  • Add option to serve compressed sitemap, for large website?
  • Support more complex criteria (perhaps even make another plugin that parses yml criteria?)