sfSlovenianPlugin - 0.1.1

Slovenian translations.

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Slovenian translations of core Symfony messages (required, yes or no, is empty, etc).

Symfony does not include message catalogues for its own messages. However Doctrine and Propel plugins include translations for their messages under the 'sf_admin' catalogues, so they are not found by Symfony core classes which look only under the 'messages' catalogue. The misleading issue is that if you use Doctrine or Propel to generate your filter forms, you get almost everything translated, but the core Symfony widgets messages are not translated. The solution is to create a messages.[LANG].xml in [pathToProject]/apps/[appName]/i18n/ for the core Symfony library or use this plugin for Slovenian language.


  • Install the plugin (via a package)

    $ symfony plugin:install sfSlovenianPlugin
  • Or install the plugin

    $ svn co http//svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/sfSlovenianPlugin/trunk plugins/sfSlovenianPlugin
  • Activate the plugin in the config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php

    class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
      public function setup()
  • Clear the cache

    $ symfony cache:clear
  • enable i18n in apps/[appName]/config/settings.yml

    i18n: true
  • set default culture apps/[appName]/config/settings.yml if it has not been otherwise defined

    default_culture: sl_SI


  • check for missing translations