sfSocialPlugin - 0.0.4

add social features to user base

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This plugin is deprecated and is not maintained anymore. Please switch to Symfony2.
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This plugin adds social network capabilities to your project's users. So, in example, your users will be able to mutually add as contact, send and receive messages, create groups, manage events, receive notifications about all this stuff, and so on.


A working demo is online at http://social.garak.it/



To install (from your project's root):

cd plugins;
svn co http://svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/sfSocialPlugin/trunk sfSocialPlugin

The package depends on sfGuardPlugin, as users are managed by it. There's also an optional dependance from sfThumbnailPlugin (to create thumbnails for profile pictures)


Enable plugins in your ProjectConfiguration class

// config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php
public function setup()
  // possibly add other plugins here...
  $this->enablePlugins(array('sfGuardPlugin', 'sfThumbnailPlugin', 'sfSocialPlugin'));

Enable modules in your application settings

# apps/frontend/config/settings.yml
enabled_modules: [sfGuardAuth, sfSocialMessage, sfSocialEvent, sfSocialContact, sfSocialNotify, sfSocialUser, sfSocialGroup]
# this list is not complete: customize on your needs

In you application's lib/myUser.class.php, set class to extend sfSocialSecurityUser

Edit plugins/sfGuardPlugin/lib/model/sfGuardUser.php and set class to extend sfSocialGuardUser instead of PluginsfGuardUser. Do the same for sfGuardUserPeer, making it extend sfSocialGuardUserPeer instead of PluginsfGuardUserPeer.

Note that plugin comes with full modules templates. To use customized templates, just create under your application a module with the same name as the module you want to customize (don't use generate:module task, just create the directory), then add your custom templates inside. If you prefer to use default templates, be aware that all forms inside are based on list formatter (tables are ugly!), so you must add this code:

// lib/form/BaseFormPropel.class.php
public function setup()
  // default formatter to list (instead of table)
  // i18n

About user's profile, the schema comes with a definition for sfGuardUserProfile, just to be ready-to-go. You can customize the schema for your needs, or just comment that part if you already have sfGuardUserProfile defined elsewhere. In case you customize, note that some templates from sfSocialUser module should be adapted (see above).


Currently Contact, Message, Event, User, and Notify modules are working, with functional tests.

The project aims to fully implement:

  • Contact system (aka friends system): search for other users, request contact, accept/deny contact request, see list of your contacts, categorize contacts in groups, see contacts of other users, see contact shared with other users, see "degrees of separation"

  • Message system: send a message, read received messages, reply to a message.

  • Group system: create a group, invite users to join, manage groups.

  • Event system: create an event, invite users to partecipate, confirm partecipation (yes/no/maybe)

  • Comment system: write commments, reply to comments. For groups, events and maybe for something else.

  • Notification system: a glue for all other systems. Notify your contacts when you do an action (add a contact, create an event, etc.)