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Have you ever needed a certain application state to exist so that you could demo your application or write your tests knowing which test users/entities you can depend on?

While fixtures can be used to create data in your database, they do not address the following concerns:

  • How do I know what happens if I create 10,000 users instead of 1 or 5?

  • What would the application logs look like?

  • How can I build and scale functional tests that work with large amounts of data?

  • How can I make sure that I can run my tests later using the same realistic state of the application(including all the by-products that get generated during real use of the applicaiton)?

This symfony plugin, sfStateGenerator, addresses these concerns. It uses the symfony testing framework to make the requests. The requests are defined in a yml file.

Currently it is Propel only. We are working on a Doctrine/ORM agnostic version as well.

Oz Basarir(ezkode.com) & Rehan Iftikhar