sfSyncContentPlugin - 0.9.1

A Symfony sync command for content (databases, uploads, etc)

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Changelog for release 0.9.1 - 08/10/2009


Other releases

Release 1.0.0 - 06/05/2010

  • Correctly packaged as stable and 1.4 compatible.
  • Database tasks performed via mysql-load and mysql-dump tasks which are executd both locally and remotely via ssh. This eliminates the need for buggy re-parsing of databases.yml and cuts down on the number of password prompts required. Support for specifying a different database connection by name was removed as this has never been well-tested. In the future we'll look at the possibility of syncing multiple databases.
  • ssh on a nonstandard port number is now supported (via the usual properties.ini setting).
  • rsync options are now friendly to setups that use group permissions (although that is somewhat pointless with Symfony because it 777's everything for you on a regular basis).

Release 0.9.1 - 08/10/2009