sfSyntaxHighlighterPlugin - 0.3.6

Syntax Highlighting Plugin.

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sfSyntaxHighlighter plugin

The sfSyntaxHighlighterPlugin adds automatically the javascript code needed to use the SyntaxHighlighter javascript library.

After installation, you will only need to enable the sfSyntaxHighlighterFilter in the applications you want.


1. Install the plugin

symfony plugin:install -s beta sfSyntaxHighlighterPlugin
symfony plugin:publish-assets

You can also use your svn repository to download the plugin.

2. Modify the filters.yml file of the application to enable the filter so that the plugin can add the Javascript code at the bottom of every page.

# insert your own filters here (between security and cache)
  class: sfSyntaxHighlighterFilter

3. Configure the theme used by the plugin in the app.yml file of the application

    theme: default # Consider below to see the list of the available themes

4. Clear the cache

symfony cc

sfSyntaxHighlighterPlugin's basic usage

Using BBCode

The most simple option is to surround the code you want to highlight with BBCode. For example:

[code="php"] ... some php code here ... [/code]


[code lang="php"] ... some php code here ... [/code]

Also, you can use three different BBCode tags that will be automatically recognised:

[code="php"] ... some php code here ... [/code]

[sourcecode="css"] ... some css code here ... [/sourcecode]

[source="c++"] ... some C++ code here ... [/source]

Then, the plugin will highlight any code surrounded with that tags. Notice that you have to use one of the aliases for the desired programming languages (see Supported Highlighting Brushes at the bottom of this documentation).

Using the library's syntax

You can find the official documentation of the SyntaxHighlighter library in configuration section of their wiki.

Place your code on the page and surround it with pre tag. Set name attribute to code and class attribute to one of the language aliases you wish to use.

    ... some code here ...
    ... some code here ...

Supported Highlighting Brushes

These are the currently supported highlighting brushes. The different aliases for every brush are between parenthesis.

  • ActionScript 3.0 ('as', 'actionscript', 'actionScript', 'as3', 'AS3')
  • Bash/shell ('bash', 'shell')
  • ColdfFusion ('cf', 'coldfusion')
  • C++ ('cpp', 'c', 'c++')
  • C# ('c#', 'c-sharp', 'csharp')
  • CSS ('css')
  • Delphi ('delphi', 'pascal')
  • Diff ('diff', 'patch')
  • Erlang ('erl', 'erlang')
  • Groovy ('groovy')
  • Java ('java')
  • JavaFX ('javafx')
  • JavaScript ('js', 'jscript', 'javascript')
  • Perl ('perl', 'pl')
  • PHP ('php')
  • Plain Text ('plain', 'text')
  • PowerShell ('ps', 'powershell')
  • Python ('py', 'python')
  • Ruby ('ruby','rails','ror')
  • Scala ('scala')
  • SQL ('sql')
  • Visual Basic ('vb','vb.net')
  • XML ('xml','xhtml','xslt','html')

These are the currently experimental brushes.

  • Ada ('ada')
  • ASM ('asm', 'x86')
  • F# ('f#', 'f-sharp', 'fsharp')
  • Latex ('latex', 'tex')
  • Lua ('lua')
  • Matlab ('matlab')
  • Objective-c ('objc', 'obj-c')
  • Yaml ('yaml', 'yml')

Supported Themes

These are the currently supported themes.

  • Default
  • Django
  • Emacs
  • FadeToGrey
  • Midnight
  • RDark

all themes

SyntaxHighlighter version

This plugin uses version 2.0 of SyntaxHighlighter.