sfTeraWurflPlugin - 0.0.1

sfTeraWurflPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides an easy way to use Tera-Wurfl library which is a PHP and MySQL based library that uses the Wireless Universal Resource File (WURFL) to identify specific device capabilities and features

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sfTeraWurflPlugin plugin

The sfTeraWurflPlugin plugin bridges the symfony framework and Tera-WURFL PHP/MySQL API library which is a PHP & MySQL based library that uses the Wireless Universal Resource File (WURFL) to detect the capabilities of mobile devices.


To install the plugin for a symfony project, the usual process is to use the symfony command line.

$ symfony plugin:install sfTeraWurflPlugin

Alternatively, if you don't have PEAR installed, you can download the latest package attached to this plugin's wiki page and extract it under your project's plugins/ directory.

Clear the cache to enable the autoloading to find the new classes:

$ php symfony cc

You're done.

Note: If the sfThumbnailPlugin is not installed, you should install it. sfTeraWurflPlugin uses sfThumbnailPlugin to generate images for differents wireless devices.


Note: This release version is just an implementation of Tera-WURFL PHP/MySQL API library ! for now we'll just use the Tera-WURFL files and implement them into our project. it still an alpha version.

First, You should, edit the TeraWurflConfig.php:

     * Database Hostname
     * @var String
    public static $DB_HOST = "localhost"; //server name
     * Database User
     * @var String
    public static $DB_USER = "terawurfl"; // mysql user
     * Database Password
     * @var String
    public static $DB_PASS = 'terawurfladmin'; // mysql password
     * Database Name / Schema Name
     * @var String
    public static $DB_SCHEMA = "terawurfl"; // mysql database

Note: For clariy, I suggest that you use a different data base and not your main project database.

sfTeraWurflPlugin comes with an important module: sfTeraWurflAdmin, you will use this module to initialize database tables. go to your application settings.yml file and enable this module:

enabled_modules:        [sfTeraWurflAdmin](default,)

You can now start using the sfTeraWurflAdmin by browsing to the application module's default page:


click Update database from local file link, to create and load tables.

Before starting using sfTeraWurflPlugin, you should check that you have the correct configuration by launching task:

$ symfony terawurfl:check-config

if every things are ok, you will have response:

    ./symfony terawurfl:check-config

    Checking TeraWurfl environnement ...
    TeraWurfl Version Stable 2.0.0
    *******************Checking PHP Configuration***********
    PHP version: 5.2.10-2ubuntu6.4... [OK]
    ZIP Archive... [OK]
    Memory Limit 256M (via TeraWurflConfig::$MEMORY_LIMIT) 
    *******************File Permissions***********
    Wurfl File  [OK]
    Patch Files:
    DATA Directory:  /var/www/test/trunk/plugins/sfTeraWurflPlugin/lib/../data/...[OK]
    ********************* Database Settings************
    Host: localhost
    Username: terawurfl
    Connecting to server....[OK]
    DB Name (schema):terawurfl
    TeraWurfl environnement checking     [OK]

Now sfTeraWurflPlugin environment is ok, we start using it.


Get the User Agent capabilities:

    $ua = WurflSupport::getUserAgent(); // get the user agent
    $wurfl = new sfTeraWurfl();   //
    $wurfl->getDeviceCapabilitiesFromAgent($ua, TRUE); //load device capabilities
    $cap = $wurfl->capabilities; // get the capabilities.

    if ($cap ['product_info']['is_wireless_device'] == 1){ //wireless device
        if (strpos ( $cap ['iPhone' ) !== false or strpos ( $cap ['user_agent'], 'iPod' ) !== false or strpos ( $cap ['user_agent']('user_agent'],), 'Android' ) !== false) { //wireless category is iphone (Considering that Android is an iphone).
            $device = 'iphone';
        } elseif ($cap [['pointing_method']('product_info']) == 'touchscreen') {  // wireless category is Touch
            $device = 'touch';
        } else {
            $device = 'xhtmlmp';  // other mobiles like Nokia, Samsung ...

Refer to How to create an optimized version of your website for the iPhone in symfony 1.1 to learn how to create a web site using symfony for iphone.