sfTextReplacementPlugin - 0.1.2

unotrusive text replacement

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sfTextReplacementPlugin 0.1.2beta for sf 1.0 MIT hopefully
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You can dynamically create anti-aliased images that replace text.


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gravatar David Gorges lead ed.liame <<ta>> segrog.divad


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Copyright (c) sfTextReplacementPlugin by David Gorges

Copyright (c) replacement.js and parts if sfTextImage.class.php based on work by Stewart Rosenberger (http://www.stewartspeak.com/)

Copyright (c) Journal TTF Font by Hans Gerhard Meier (http://www.fontourist.com/journal.html)

As Stewart Rosenberger didn't mention any license he published his work, and I am not that familar with software licenses I cannot put this software under any license.
But as Stewart Rosenberg published his code and declared it as "free to use", I do the same with my code.

If anyone has a good understanding of software licenses, please contact me at david.gorgesATemail.de.