sfTidyPlugin - 1.0.2

Code fixing plugin.

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The sfTidyPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides automated code repair (ex. users input from TinyMCE or FCKEditor). The TidyHelper produce valid XHTML or XML code. Plugin requires PHP Tidy extension.

The TidyHelper extesnion can fix sample broken code:

<p>ala <b> ma kota & psa<br />Lorem ipsum

to valid XHTML:

<p>ala <b> ma kota &amp; psa<br />Lorem ipsum</b></p>


  • Install PHP Tidy

    Installation instructions can be found on PHP Manual - Tidy

  • Install the plugin

    $ php symfony plugin:install sfTidyPlugin
  • Clear cache

    $ php symfony cc
  • Optionally add the TidyHelper to global helpers list. Add the following to settings.yml:

      standard_helpers: [Partial, Cache, Form, Tidy]


If there are no the Tidy in standard_helpers list you should add:

<?php use_helper('Tidy') ?>

The sfTidyHelper contain two metods. First to cleanup XHTML code: tidy and second to cleanup XML code tidy_xml.

<?php echo tidy('<p>ala <b> ma kota & psa<br />Lorem ipsum') ?>
<!-- Output: <p>ala <b> ma kota &amp; psa<br />Lorem ipsum</b></p> -->