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sfTwittThis plugin

The 'sfTwittThisPlugin' is a symfony plugin that allow you to send twitts, using bit.ly api to reduce url.


  • Install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin:install sfTwittThisPlugin
  • To use the plugin you need a key and login from http://bit.ly/ (create free account)

Settings and customization

By using app.yml

You can change the following setting by defining them in app.yml:

app_twitt_this_alt default: Twitt this!
app_twitt_this_title default: Twitt this!
app_twitt_this_img default: /sfTwittThisPlugin/images/twitter_default.png

These setting will be applied to all twitt link in the application, but can be overwrite by using the options array.

By using options in the helper function

The helper takes several options that modify the behavior.
This gives you the ability to set different options for each twitt link.

  • bitly_login
  • bitly_key
  • alt
  • title
  • img




    // Twitt the current page with message : "Great link"
    twitt_this_page('Great link!');

        // Twitt with all options
    twitt_this_page('Great link!',array(
                                    'img'=>'mypictwitt' ));

give : Great link! : http://bit.ly/4Kqake