sfUserOnlinePlugin - 1.0.2

User status plugin

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This plugin allow you to manage user status by changing user class in your factories.yml to sfUserOnline. This class extends sfUser class and you don't drop any user logic.


Run from command line

php symfony plugin:install sfUserOnlinePlugin

Add or select sfUser method to get user unique ID. It can be sfUser::getUserName or sfUser::getId and set it in factories.yml

Set in factories.yml

 class: sfUserOnline
   user_unique_method:  "getId" # sfUser method to get unique user ID
   memcache_host:       ""
   memcache_port:       11211
   status_lifetime:     600
   memcache_prefix:     "ustatus_"
   online_status_class: onlineMemcacheStorage

Retrieve user status

To get self status


To set self status


To get other user status