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W3studioCMS is a modern Open Source Web 2.0 Content Management System application designed to give the ability to manage the contents of a web site to people without any knowledge of web programming languages, i.e. HTML or PHP.

Imagine to browse any kind of website, as the one you are viewing now, then imagine the same page you are browsing that becomes editable in place, exactly how you see in in the frontend, for each content it contains: this is how W3studioCMS works. The changes you made are displayed in real time on the same page that you will publish at the end of your editing session by ajax transactions. There's nothing to imagine: here you really see what you get!

W3StudioCMS has no limitation design for the templates' layout: you can easily import any xhtml template and use it for your website. A complete tutorial will explain in detail how to import and use an existing template found in internet.

W3StudioCMS is totally Object Oriented, so you can easily customize the CMS for your needs, extending the core classes or adding new contents. It uses symfony as base framework, so all the benefits introduced by this powerful and great software are available in the CMS.