sfWhoIsOnlinePlugin - 0.9.0

Shows number of online users.

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This plugin is deprecated and is not maintained anymore.
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sfWhoIsOnline plugin

sfWhoIsOnlinePlugin is a symfony plugin which enables showing count of currently online users direct on your website.

Moreover, it locates users by theirs IPs. It uses Geobytes IpLocator feature, if fails it tries to locate via HostIp service. All user sessions are stored in database and after 5 minute timeout (configurable) are deleted.


  • Download latest package and extract it to your plugins directory or use symfony command

    $ symfony plugin:install sfWhoIsOnlinePlugin
  • Build model and create table in your database

    $ symfony propel:build-model
    $ symfony propel:build-sql
    $ symfony propel:insert-sql
  • Add sfWhoIsOnlineFilter to your filters.yml

    rendering: ~
    security:  ~
      class: sfWhoIsOnlineFilter
    cache:     ~
    execution: ~

Now user sessions should be stored in database to sfWhoIsOnlineUser table.

Show number of users on website

You can user one of prepared components. To do this you have to enable sfWhoIsOnline module in your settings.yml.

        enabled_modules: [ sfWhoIsOnline ]

Prepared components:

  • Number of online users: <?php include_component('sfWhoIsOnline','online');?>

    <div class="whoIsOnline"> 
      <em>1</em> ONLINE
  • List of countries: <?php include_component('sfWhoIsOnline','codes');?>

  • List of users with info: <?php include_component('sfWhoIsOnline','users');?>

  • Number of online users with openable panel with locations: <?php include_component('sfWhoIsOnline','combined');?>

Planned fatures

  • styleable lists of users
  • show how many users are on current page