sfWidgetFormJqueryRatingPlugin - 0.9.0

Provide a jQuery rating widget with stars

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How to install:

symfony plugin:install sfWidgetFormJqueryRatingPlugin

symfony plugin:publish-assets

You need install jQuery core and include it in your app

How to use:

$this->widgetSchema['my_integer_field'] = new sfWidgetFormJqueryRating();

Config params

  - number: Number of star (default: 5)
  - path: Star image path (default: '/sfWidgetFormJqueryRatingPlugin/images')
  - readonly: true or false (default: false)
  - hintlist: array of hint informations for stars (default: array())
  - starOff: filename of the off star image (default: star-off.png)
  - starOn: filename of the on star image (default: star-on.png)

Feedback and contributions are welcome

jQuery Raty Plugin is provide by http://www.wbotelhos.com/raty/