sfWidgetFormTreePlugin - 1.0.3

Plugin for creating checkbox/radio group out of a tree structure.

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sfWidgetFormTreePlugin creates - similar to sfWidgetFormChoice/ChoiceMultiple - a tree structure widget consisting of radio buttons or checkboxes. So you can maintain hierarchical data whithin your symfony forms.

It has the same functionality as the wordpress "assign blog article to categories x, y and z", to enlighten what this plugin may do for you.

The plugin widgets have a few validators that also can check simple constraints (e.g. "self drops/movements" of nodes).

There is a screenshot to experience the look and feel of the widget. No javascript required or included.


sfWidgetFormTree provides a widget to render a structured group of checkboxes or radiobuttons that represent nodes in a tree.

They are configured like all select/multiselect-widgets by giving a mandatory array of choices.

Due the fact that a hierarchy is displayed, this array must have information about that.

It is possible to pass 2 types of arrays:

Multi-Dim (with childnodes):

  $choices = array(
    1=> array('label'=>'test', 'children'=>array(
      2=> array('label'=>'test2', 'children'=> array(
        3=> array('label'=>'test3'),
        4=> array('label'=>'hans')
      5=> array('label'=>'wurst')

Single-DIM (with level/depth):

$choices = array(
  1=>array('level'=>0, 'label'=>"+++1"),
  2=>array('level'=>0, 'label'=>"+++2"),
  3=>array('level'=>1, 'label'=>"+++3"),
  4=>array('level'=>2, 'label'=>"+++4"),
  8=>array('level'=>3, 'label'=>"+++8"),
  9=>array('level'=>3, 'label'=>"+++9"),
  10=>array('level'=>3, 'label'=>"+++10"),
  11=>array('level'=>4, 'label'=>"+++11"),
  12=>array('level'=>4, 'label'=>"+++12"),
  13=>array('level'=>3, 'label'=>"+++13"),
  5=>array('level'=>2, 'label'=>"+++5"),
  6=>array('level'=>1, 'label'=>"+++6"),
  7=>array('level'=>0, 'label'=>"+++7"),

There is also a tree validator which allows to check against a given id (or a collection of ids), so that it is not allowed to select a node within the tree that is child of a given parent:

$this->validatorSchema['category_ids'] = new sfValidatorTreeMany(array(

This could be useful if you deal e.g. with a taxonomy system and want to move nodes with your admin form. In this case it is not allowed to move a category as a child of it's own. With the option

'restrict_select_below'=>array(parent_node_1, ..., parent_node-n);

you can define the nodes that are not allowed to select (including its child nodes).


(Install instructions taken from README in sfThumbnailPlugin, (c) Fabien Potencier)

To install the plugin for a symfony project, the usual process is to use the symfony command line.

With symfony 1.1/1.2, use:

$ symfony plugin:install sfwidgetFormTreePlugin

Alternatively, if you don't have PEAR installed, you can download the latest package attached to this plugin's wiki page and extract it under your project's plugins/ directory.

Clear the cache to enable the autoloading to find the new classes:

$ php symfony cc

You're done.


Thanks to the symfony team for this great framework. The few classes used within this plugin are derived from the sfWidgetFormChoice class and -validator. So it is merly an addon on existing, great functionality.