sfWikifyPlugin - 1.0.0

doku-wiki-like documentation formatter plugin

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This plugin is deprecated and is not maintained anymore. No further development
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sfWikify plug-in

sfWikify helps developers' job when dealing with documentation of a project's data model, by creating a description of the schema in a dokuwiki syntax.

  • Automatically parses your config/schema.yml file.

  • It is compatible with symfony's empty columns.

  • It might be internationalized by editing a simple doku_i18n_<CULTURE>.yml file


  • Install the plug-in

    symfony plugin:install sfWikifyPlugin

  • Edit your schema.yml file and add description keys to the model, the classes and/or the fields:

    ## Description for the whole data model:
    description: Data model for fake project.
        tablename:            class_a
        ## Description for a class:
        description: >
          ClassA represents objects of A class.
          id:                 ## You might omit empty columns' description
            type:             varchar(255)
            required:         true
            ## Description for a single field:
            description:      The name of the object.
            type:             integer
            description:      The size of the object. It might be 0.
  • Run the task:

    symfony doku:wikify en doc/doku.txt

    or simply:

    symfony doku:wikify en
  • You're done.

Hey! My culture isn't bundled!

If your culture isn't currently bundled with the plugin (at the moment, only es and en are supported), you might create a i18n file for the plugin.

You just have to place it anywhere in the project and the plugin will try to find it.

The requirements for this are:

  • The file must be named like doku_i18n_<CULTURE>.yml where is the culture you want to support.

  • The file must have the following structure (you can use the ones bundled with the plugin as an example):

    ## en culture internationalization file
      title:            Data model
      fields:           Fields
      type:             Type
      default:          Default value
      primary_key:      Primary key
      created_at:       Object's creation date
      updated_at:       Object's last update date
      foreign_reference: References
  • That's it! Unless you feel like collaborating with us, you can email us at ncuesta at desarrollo dot cespi dot unlp dot edu dot ar and send the i18n file ;)


2008-11-07 | 1.0.0

  • ncuesta: plug-in added to symfony