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sfWindguruPlugin plugin

The sfWindguruPlugin is an interface to windguru.cz website. It allows displaying forecasts fetched from windguru website. Really simple to use. By default sfFileCache is used to keep forecast cache for 15 mins.



This plugin for symfony 1.3/1.4 depends on sfWebrowserPlugin to get data from windguru serwer. Also windguru.cz requires registration on it's site to get user id and spot code for each surfing spot one want to display forecasts on. Plugin should work with any symfony version as it is just simple php library

Follow this link [http://www.windguru.cz/pl/help_index.php?sec=distr] to get more info on registering.


1 - Install the plugin.

The easiest way to install sfWindguruPlugin is to use the symfony command line:

> php symfony plugin:install sfWindguruPlugin

Alternatively, if you don't have PEAR installed, you can fork the latest package from my git hub https://github.com/zdanozdan/sfWindguruPlugin

3 - Clear the cache to enable the autoloading to find the new classes:

> php symfony cc

2 - Write the action code

get user code, spot id and spot code from windguru website and use them in any place.

> public function executeWindguru(sfWebRequest $request)
> {
>    $b = new sfWindguruBrowser();
>    $b->getWindguru($user_code,$spot_id,$spot_code);
>    $rsp = $b->getResponseText();

> return $this->renderText($rsp);
> }


If you want to contribue please fork from github and give me a push.