sfXstandardEditorPlugin - 0.9.1

Xstandard Editor Plugin

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sfXstandardEditorPlugin plugin

The sfXstandardEditorPlugin is a Symfony plugin which adds support for the XStandard WYSIWYG editor (http://www.xstandard.com/). The XStandard editor is far superior to TinyMCE and other javascript based WYSIWYG editors.


  • Install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin:install -s beta sfXstandardEditorPlugin
  • Clear your cache

    $ symfony cc    
  • You must also install the XStandard plugin software on any computer which will need to use the editor (available from http://www.xstandard.com/en/downloads/).

How to Use

  • The plugin makes available a new form widget called sfWidgetFormXstandardEditor. Simply define your form as normal, but for the field which needs the editor, use: [php] new sfWidgetFormXstandardEditor();


  • Add support for all of the web-services and advanced features in the professional version
  • Add support for defining custom styles in the drop down style list
  • Add auto-installation for clients which do not have the plugin installed in their browser
  • Add smart fallback for clients which don't have the editor and can't install it