sfYahooBossPlugin - 0.1.2

James Charlesworth

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The sfYahooBossPlugin allows you to easily integrate web search into your Symfony project.


  • Easily add search functionality to your project
  • Set the search results to a single site
  • Includes Delicious saves, tags, Searchmonkey data


The sfYahooBossPlugin is licensed under the MIT License.


  • Install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin:install sfYahooBossPlugin
    $ symfony cc
  • Be sure that the plugin is activated in config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php

  • Customize your stylesheet to match your site

Add you Yahoo Boss API

You can eiter set your key each time you instatiate the YahooBoss object: [php] $YahooBoss = new YahoooBoss('API_KEY');

Even better, set the api key in your app.yml file: [plain] all: yahooboss_api_key: your_api_key

Action configuration

Update your action to show the search form and results.

Create the form:

// apps/[APP_NAME]/modules/[MODULE_NAME]/actions/actions.class.php
class MyActionActions extends sfActions
   * Executes index action
   * @param sfRequest $request A request object
  public function executeIndex(sfWebRequest $request)
    $this->form = new YahooBossForm();
    //call the new search action

Next, create the processsSearch action:

 protected function processSearch(sfWebRequest $request, sfForm $form)

    if (!$request->getParameter('search'))
        $this->boss = array('results'=>null);

        $this->csrf_token = null;


    $this->form = new YahooBossForm();
    $this->form->bind($request->getParameter($form->getName()), $request->getFiles($form->getName()));

    if ($this->form->isValid())

        $search = new YahooBoss();
        //see http://developer.yahoo.com/search/boss/boss_guide/News_Search.html
        //for date ranges
        // $search->setAge('100d');

        //see http://developer.yahoo.com/search/boss/boss_guide/Web_Search.html#optional_args_web
        // for view args
        $view = '';//delicious_saves,delicious_toptags,keyterms,searchmonkey_feed

        $search->setCount(10); //number of results per page

        $search_query = $request->getParameter('search');
        $this->query = $search_query['q'];

        //the search query

        //limit results to one site
        // $search->setSite('seoatl.com');

        // $search->setOrderByDate();

        } else {
            $this->start = $search_query['start'];
        $search->setStart($this->start); //important for pagination

        $this->boss = $search->execute();
        $this->csrf_token = $search_query['_csrf_token'];//need to pass csrf token if enabled



2010-08-09 | 0.1.0-beta

  • First beta release