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Banner Rotator plugin

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sgBannerRotator plugin

The sgBannerRotator is a simple symfony plugin that rotates a banner image in a web page.

sgBannerRotator provides a helper to create the HTML tag to insert the image. With the help of a set of CSS classes the image is rotated in the page.

Installation & Usage

  • Install the plugin

    $ symfony plugin:install sgBannerRotatorPlugin
  • Enable Plugin (Only for Symfony 1.2 and above)

    Modify config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php

    public function setup()
        // for compatibility / remove and enable only the plugins you want
        // or
        $this->enablePlugins(array('sfPropelPlugin', 'sgBannerRotatorPlugin'));
  • Set up CSS

    The helper creates a div html tag where the image will be placed using the background-image css property. Add the following CSS classes to your CSS file to define the size of the banner and the banner images:

    /* defines the size of all the banners */
    .bannerHome {
        width: 926px;
        height: 289px;
    /* define banners' location */
    .banner0 {
        background-image: url(/images/banner1.png);
    .banner1 {
        background-image: url(/images/banner2.png);
    .banner2 {
        background-image: url(/images/banner3.jpg);
  • Add helper to action template

    In your indexSuccess.php template add the following

    <?php use_helper( 'BannerRotator'); ?>
    <!-- HTML code -->
    <?php echo rotate_banner( $banners, array('class' => 'bannerHome') ) ?>
    <!-- more HTML code -->    

    In your actions.class.php define the $banners array with the list of urls where the banners should link to.

    public function executeIndex()
            $this->banners = array(

    That's it!


  • Implement view / click counts
  • Implement css-less method
  • Contact me for any other requirements/ideas