spySimplePagePlugin - 0.1.0

We frequently need to set a little parts of CMS into our application. This plugins with it helper allow you to set pages content like that spySimplePage_getIntro('alias-of-the-page');

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This plugin will help you to manage a simple content to set administrable blocks into your technical apps.

How To Install


  • For install the plugin, you must install :
  1. Symfony 1.2
  2. sfPropelActAsSluggableBehaviorPlugin
  3. sfThubmnailPlugin for sf1.2 with sfWidgetFormInputFileEditableThumb

I hope that fabien will quickly accept my demand to load it on the repository, but you will could download the package here http://www.spyrit.net/symfony/


Rebuild the package, and clear the cache

How To Use

For the admin you have to activate the module spySimplePageAdmin

For the front, if you want to see the page not in blok like for a technical app to adminstrate on technical message you could activate spySimplePage Like that when you write the url http://{MY_URL}/page/slug-of-the-page you will see the content of the page

An helper to see a content evrywhere in your others modules

    echo spySimplePage_getIntro("MY_ALIAS");

The functions are :

  • spySimplePage_getIntro($alias,$use_contenu=true,$limite=300,$is_publish=true)

To get an intro :

  • $alias : is the slug of your page
  • $use_contenu : If you accept to get the content when your introdution field is empty
  • $limite : If you have a content we truncate the content at 300 chars elseif you set 0
  • $is_publish : Show the article only if is it publish
  • spySimplePage_getTitre($alias,$is_publish=true)

To get the title

  • $alias : is the slug of your page
  • $is_publish : Show the article only if is it publish
  • spySimplePage_getRandomPage()

To get a random page

To get one spySimplePage object by alias

Call statically