stashboardTasksPlugin - 1.0.1

This plugin gives you tasks to update you stashboard installation. Just plugin your api credentials, and update from the command line!

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Symfony Stashboard Tasks Plugin

Installation: 1) Install the plugin via plugins:install stashboardTasksPlugin 2) Edit your app.yml and add the following (fill in your values from the api credentials given to you by your app)

      consumer_key: ##YOUR CONSUMER KEY##
      oauth_token: ##YOUR OAUTH TOKEN##
      oauth_token_secret: ##YOUR OAUTH TOKEN SECRET##
  baseurl: https://##YOUR APP

3) symfony cc
4) You're ready to go!

Usage: status:list - Lists all services and their current status status:up - Updates a service with a new "up" event status:down - Updates a service with a new "down" event status:warning - Updates a service with a new "warning" event status:note - Adds a note to a service