swFunctionalTestGenerationPlugin - 1.2.0

Add functional test generation.

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Functional Test Generation

This plugin contains a specific filter which just records user's interactions in a symfony Functional Test format.

So mainly you navigate accross your application, submit your forms and click on links, and boom ... you have a functional test almost ready to use.

Please read the original blog post : swFilterFunctionalTest


  • Install swFunctionalTestGenerationPlugin

    • via svn : http://svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/swFunctionalTestGenerationPlugin/tags/VERSION_1_2_0
    • via pear : ./symfony plugin:install --release=1.2.0 swFunctionalTestGenerationPlugin
  • Clear your cache

    • ./symfony cc
  • Edit the filters.yml file and add these configuration lines after the rendering filter

      class: swFilterFunctionalTest
  • Make sure the debug panel is enabled


  • Enable the functional test in the debug bar

  • Perform a scenario on your project

  • once done, copy-paste the generated code into a test file