tdAudioPlugin - 0.1.7

Provides easy interface for flash mp3 player to embed in symfony projects.

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Provides easy interface for flash mp3 player to embed in symfony projects.

This plugin is a part of TD CMS and is based on Doctrine ORM.


Install the plugin via the subversion repository by executing the following command from the project root directory:

$ svn co plugins/tdAudioPlugin

or by using the default symfony plugin install command:

$ ./symfony plugin:install -s beta tdAudioPlugin

as the actual release is in its beta stage. Run

$ ./symfony plugin:publish-assets

to enable all needed media files (which in this case are more or less everything).


  • Enable the track_td_album module in your backend app and enable the tdSampleAudio module in your frontend (or make a copy of it to modify, if the plugin was installed using SVN).

  • Fixtures are provided with the plugin - more than 10 small mp3 files (thanks to site). Run following commands:

    $ ./symfony doctrine:build --all


    $ ./symfony doctrine:data-load

    Now you have to create upload directories for audio and cover files:

    $ mkdir web/uploads/td/audio web/uploads/td/cover

    and make it writeable:

    $ chmod 777 web/uploads/td/audio web/uploads/td/cover

    Now you have to copy the mp3 sample files from tdAudioPlugin/data/samples to the audio upload directory created above. Everything is ready to run the following URL in your browser:


    to see a demo of the mp3 flash player. It should look something like this:



    (those screenshots have been made from an example website).

  • To use the activate/deactivate AJAX interface in the backend td_track_album module, remember to enable the graphics module of the tdCorePlugin inside your settings.yml file (see tdCorePlugin README).

    enabled_modules: [graphics ]( ...,)


You can modify settings of the tdAudioPlugin in the config/tdAudioPluginConfiguration.class.php file:

  • td_audio_upload_dir - upload dir of all audio files


You may translate tdAudio module to your own language by creating td.XX.xml file under modules/tdSampleAudio/i18n directory (where XX is the language code). So far, English language is the default one and additionally Polish translationis provided.