tdVideoPlugin - 0.1.2

Provides easy interface for flash video player to embed in symfony projects.

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The tdVideoPlugin is a symfony plugin providing easy interface for flash video player to embed in symfony projects. It is based on my sfVideoPlugin and is integrated into TD CMF.

This plugin is a part of TD CMF and is based on Doctrine ORM.


Install the plugin via the subversion repository:

$ svn co plugins/tdVideoPlugin

from the project root directory or by using the command:

$ ./symfony plugin:install tdVideoPlugin

Right after the installation of the plugin, you should update plugin assets:

$ ./symfony plugin:publish-assets

so that the default JS and CSS files of the plugin are accessible. Everything is done properly now.


Go to the config directory of the plugin and uncomment all lines in the routing.yml file.

Enable the sfVideo module in your application's config/settings.yml enabled_modules section:

enabled_modules: [tdSampleVideo ]( ...,)

Run the following URL in your browser:


You may choose from 3 example flv files to display. They can be loaded with the fixture file provided. Example flv files are displayed in tdSampleVideo/templates/indexSuccess.php file.


The offcial documentation of the flowplayer can be found here.


Example flv files have been downloaded from media_college