tdVisitorCounterPlugin - 0.1.7

Provides funcionalities for easy visitor counting feature.

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Provides funcionalities for easy visitor counting feature, including schema, libs, interface and a flash panel to display latest visiting stats.

This plugin is a part of TD CMF and is based on Doctrine ORM.


Install the plugin via the subversion repository by executing the following command from the project root directory:

$ svn co plugins/tdVisitorCounterPlugin

or by using the default symfony plugin install command:

$ ./symfony plugin:install -s beta tdVisitorCounterPlugin

as the actual release is in its beta stage. There are no assetsto ublish for this plugin since it relies on stOfcPlugin (open flash charts).


  • Re-run building your model (td_counter table holds data about users visits).

  • If you wish, you may generate some fixture data for the visitors counter (using data/fixtures/fixtures.yml file).

  • enable the tdVisitorCounter module in your backend application, so that you may use the statitics about user visits using open flash chart.

  • make sure the config/routing.yml file is uncommented (otherwise you will have to create your own routing entries forwarding to index action of tdVisitorCounter module).

  • append the following code inside your main frontend application template (e. g. layout.php):


    which adds a single visitor entry to the database. This mechanisms relies on browser cookies - if the visited cookie doesn't exist, such a cookie is created (existing 3 minutes by default) and an entry to the td_counter table is added.


You can modify settings of the tdVisitorCounterPlugin in the config/tdVisitorCounterPluginConfiguration.class.php file:

  • td_visitor_counter_cookie - name of the cookie used for visitors counting.

  • td_visitor_counter_months - number of last months shown on the chart.

  • td_visitor_counter_days - number of last days shown on the chart.

  • td_visitor_counter_cookie_interval - expire time of a visitor cookie.

Statistics demo

The plugin is provided with two predefined charts:

  • monthly stats


  • daily stats



You may translate tdVisitorCounter module to your own language by creating td.XX.xml file under modules/tdVisitorCounter/i18n directory (where XX is the language code). So far, English language is the default one and additionally Polish translationis provided.