tdVisualFactoryPlugin - 0.1.2

Provides funcionalities for easy images upload with additional features

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Provides funcionalities for uploading pictures into separate albums using additional features, such as configurable multiple sizes, watermarks, etc.

This plugin is a part of TD CMF and is based on Doctrine ORM.


Install the plugin via the subversion repository by executing the following command from the project root directory:

$ svn co plugins/tdVisualFactoryPlugin

or by using the default symfony plugin install command:

$ ./symfony plugin:install tdVisualFactoryPlugin


  • You shall redefine the configuration td_visual_factory_sizes array and define custom sizes of uploaded images. Each uploaded image will be stored in the original format and all defined custom sizes.

  • After defining custom image sizes, you shall create directories storing those specific size images (in the default upload directory, which is uploads/td/images/ and make sure those directories have permissions to write new files in.

  • The first of all custom image sizes is used as the thumbnail size in admin generator (image album editing with image list).


You can modify settings of the tdVisualFactoryPlugin in the config/tdVisualFactoryPluginConfiguration.class.php file:

  • td_visual_factory_watermark_dir - (String) upload dir of all watermark images,

  • td_visual_factory_image_dir - (String) upload dir of all images,

  • td_visual_factory_sizes - (Array) all image sizes (not counting the original uploaded file),

  • td_visual_factory_watermark_sizes - (Array) all image sizes (they have to be included in the td_visual_factory_sizes array) that shall be watermarked,

  • td_visual_factory_watermark_prefix - (String) prefix for intermediate watermarked image creation files. By default it's 'tmp-', so if the file 1ba05c.jpg represents resized and watermarked image, then tmp-1ba05c.jpg is the same image: after resizing, but before putting the watermark on it,

  • td_visual_factory_size_thumbnail - (String) the size used on the frontend within lightbox widget - as the thumbnail,

  • td_visual_factory_size_full - (String) the size used on the frontend within lightbox widget - as the zoomed, full size image,

  • td_visual_factory_mode - (String) external library use within the Visual Factory, can be either gd (GD) or im (Imagick).

  • To use the activate/deactivate AJAX interface in the backend td_image_album module, remember to enable the graphics module of the tdCorePlugin inside your settings.yml file (see tdCorePlugin README).

    enabled_modules: [graphics ]( ...,)


At least one of the following graphics libraries: