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tmcContact plugin (for symfony 1.4) by Tito Miguel Costa

The tmcContactPlugin is a symfony plugin that provides a contact form.

It gives you the model (tmc_contact) and the modules (tmcContact and tmcContactAdmin).

It allows a user to fill in a simple contact form and submitting to an e-mail, saving the information in a database.

All in a configurable plugin.


  • Add the channel to your project

    symfony plugin:add-channel
  • Install the plugin (via a package)

    symfony plugin:install
  • Activate the plugin in the config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php

    class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
      public function setup()
  • Rebuild your model

    symfony doctrine:build-model
    symfony doctrine:build-sql
  • Update you database tables by starting from scratch (it will delete all the existing tables, then re-create them):

    symfony doctrine:insert-sql

    or do everything with one command

    symfony doctrine:build --all`
  • Enable one or more modules in your settings.yml (optional)

    • For your backend application: tmcContactAdmin

            enabled_modules:      [default, tmcContactAdmin, ...]
    • For your frontend application: tmcContact

            enabled_modules:      [default, tmcContact, ...]
  • Clear you cache

    symfony cc

Customize the behaviour of the plugin in app.yml

all: tmcContactPlugin: cc_to_sender: false # send a copy of the e-mail to the user email_partial: tmcContact/email # partial that renders the e-mail email_from: email_to: email_subject: contact form subject redirect: tmc_contact # route to redirect after e-mail sent show_errors_top: true contact_form_id: contact_form # id of the form for javascript and css subject_widget: enabled: true type: text #or choice choices: {} attachment_enabled: true

Customize sfGuardAuth module templates

By default, tmcContact module comes with 2 very simple partials:

  • _email.php
  • _form.php

If you want to customize one of these templates:

  • Create a tmcContact module in your application (don't use the init-module task, just create a tmcContact directory)

  • Create a template with the name of the template you want to customize in the tmcContact/templates directory

  • symfony now renders your partial instead of the default one

Customize tmcContact module actions

If you want to customize or add methods to the tmcContact:

  • Create a tmcContact module in your application

  • Copy the actions.class.php in the module tmcContact to your actions directory

Customize tmcContact redirect handling

If you want to redirect the user to a diferent page, you can specify the route in the app.yml file.

You can change the redirect values in app.yml:

    redirect:      tmc_contact # the plugin uses the @tmc_contact by default

The flash user variable $object will be available with the contact object.

Customize tmcContact widgets

It is possible to enable/disable the subject and attachment widget in the app.yml configuration file. For the subject widget, if enabled, it is even possible to specify if the kind of widget, a text or a select box.

      enabled:              true
      type:                 choice #or text
      choices:              { 'support': 'Need help', 'other': 'Other topic' }
    attachment_enabled:     true