twFilemanagerPlugin - 1.0.1

CKEditor filemanager

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twFilemanager plugin


The twFilemanagerPlugin is Ajax filemanager based on simogeo/Filemanager for CKEditor


Installed CKEditor

Optional Requirements:

twMediaPlugin Adding possibility to use this plugin stores like DB based file store (media)

sfAssetsLibraryPlugin Adding possibility to use this plugin store type (assets)

sfCKEditorPlugin Provide CKEditor widget


The Git way

Clone the plugin from Github:

git clone git://

If you use Git as a VCS for your project, it should be better to add the plugin as a submodule:

git submodule add git:// plugins/twFilemanagerPlugin

The SVN way

Install the plugin via the subversion repository:

svn checkout plugins/twFilemanagerPlugin

Symfony PEAR way

Install plugin:

symfony plugin:install twFilemanagerPlugin
symfony cache:clear

Because in most of situations there is a problem with PEAR 1.3 and this kind of error shows:

PHP Fatal error:  Class 'sfPearRest13' not found in .../lib/vendor/symfony/lib/plugin/sfPearConfig.class.php on line 27

One of solutions is for example copy patch from symfony-rest13.patch to .../lib/vendor/ folder and go to .../lib/vendor/symfony folder and then apply patch:

patch -p0 -i ../symfony-rest13.patch

Final step

Create backend or admin app if not exists:

symfony generate:app backend

Publish the plugin's assets:


Enable in backend settings.yml module file looks like in example:

      - default
      - twFilemanager

How to use

In this first example I'll use sfWidgetFormCKEditor from sfCKEditorPlugin

$config = array(
    'language' => 'pl',
    'entities_latin' => false,
    'entities_greek' => false,
    'filebrowserBrowseUrl' => url_for('@tw_filemanager_index?sf_format=html').'?path=news/content'),
    'customConfig' => '/twCorePlugin/js/ck_content.js',

$this->widgetSchema['content'] = new sfWidgetFormCKEditor(array('jsoptions' => $config));


  • setting up multiple root folders avaiable for connector