upPropelActAsTracableBehaviorPlugin - 1.0.0

The upPropelActAsTracableBehaviorPlugin add two fields on Propel objects to save its last edition.

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  • Add two field "updated_on" and "updated_by" on any Propel object


  • Install the plugin :
php symfony plugin:install upPropelActAsTracableBehaviorPlugin
  • You must have at least a field named "updated_on" on any table you want to use. This field must be TIMESTAMP. You can also have a field named "updated_by", which is optionnal.

  • Enable the plugin for each Propel object you want. For example, at the end of lib/model/User.php, add this line :

sfPropelBehavior::add('User', array('tracable'=>array('session'=>'id')));
  • The session parameter is the name of the session field used to identify the user into session. If it is not set, this field won't be used.


Each time an object is saved, the "updated_on" and "updated_by" fields will be set.


upPropelLockTableBehaviorPlugin has been developped by Leo Cacheux for Devoteam/Uperto. It has been released under the MIT license.