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uvmcSolrSearchPlugin for symfony 1.2

The umvcSolrSearchPlugin is a symfony plugin which permits you to index your models inside a solr service. This readme assumes that you have already configured your solr service. If you want to learn how to setup a solr service, you can read the official solr tutorial.

As of now, please consider this plugin as an ALPHA release. The plugin hasn't been fully tested.


  1. Check out from svn

    svn co http://svn.symfony-project.org/plugins/uvmcSolrSearchPlugin/trunk uvmcSolrSearchPlugin
  2. Clear your cache

    php symfony cc


  1. Configure solr.yml

      enabled:          on
          host:         localhost
          port:         8983
          path:         "/solr"
  2. Configure your solr installation to enable php serialiazed array writers

    In your/install/of/solr/conf/solrconfig.xml, uncomment those lines

    <queryResponseWriter name="php" class="org.apache.solr.request.PHPResponseWriter"/>
    <queryResponseWriter name="phps" class="org.apache.solr.request.PHPSerializedResponseWriter"/>
  3. Add to the models you want to index the method getSolrDocumentFields()

    public function getSolrDocumentFields()
      // keys of this array are fields' name of solr's schema.xml 
      $fields = array('id'        => $this->getId(),
                      'foo'       => array('value' => $this->getFoo(),
                                           'boost' => 1.4);
      foreach($this->getBar() as $bar)
        $fields['bar'][] = array('value' => $bar->getFoobar(),
                                 'boost' => 1.1);
      return $fields;

How to index/delete my model into solr?

In the admin generator

All the models which have the method getSolrDocumentFields() will be automagically indexed/deleted upon save/deletion.

In my code

Each time that you modify an indexable model, you have to notify the event dispatcher with the appropriate event. Otherwise, it won't work.

// ... my super code ...
$dispatcher = sfContext::getInstance()->getEventDispatcher();
$dispatcher->notify(new sfEvent($mySubject, 'uvmc_solr.add_document', array('object' => $myModel, 'commit' => true)));

// ... my ninja code ...
$dispatcher = sfContext::getInstance()->getEventDispatcher();
$dispatcher->notify(new sfEvent($mySubject, 'uvmc_solr.delete_document', array('object' => $myModel)));

How to search?

Let's say you configured solr to only give you back the primary keys of your models.

Add this in myModelTable.class.php

public function findByScoredId($ids)
  $query = $this->createQuery('p');
        ->whereIn('p.id', $ids)
        // Keep scoring
        // http://groups.google.com/group/symfony-users/browse_thread/thread/92adb0332dfe1065/ee7b8c0d27208368?lnk=gst&q=zend+search+sort#ee7b8c0d27208368
        ->addSelect('FIELD(p.id,'.implode(', ', $ids).') AS field')

  return $query->execute();

...and this in your action!

// Notify the dispatcher with the search event.
// $myQuery is a string containing your query
$event = $this->dispatcher->notify(new sfEvent($this, 'uvmc_solr.search', array('query' => $myQuery)));
$response = $event->getReturnValue();
// solr is configured to give you back a serialized php array
$results = unserialize($response->getRawResponse());              

$primaryKeys = array();
foreach($results['response']['docs'] as $doc)
  $primaryKeys[] = $doc['id'];

  $this->results = Doctrine::getTable('myModel')->findByScoredId($primaryKeys);       
  $this->results = null;

Available events

  • uvmc_solr.search
  • uvmc_solr.commit
  • uvmc_solr.add_document
  • uvmc_solr.update_document
  • uvmc_solr.delete_document

For more informations about those events and the required/optionnals parameters, please check uvmcSolrEventListener.class.php.

Available tasks

Task namespace is uvmc-solr

  • reset-index. Reset the entire index of the solr service.

Known issues


  • It would be great to manage multiple-servers

  • Write a task to re-index the entire site.


  • Kudos to Miximum (french) for the inspiration and code snippets :-)